Friday, August 13, 2010

Rilakkuma Shop

Hey hey, my lovely friends, how are things going on with you. It's been a long time since my last post. Wanna introduce you a shop which full of kawaii cute cute things. Tada~~ RILAKKUMA Shop from Singapore =)

Rilakkuma Shop

Anyway, lately, most of you must be wondering: This Wawa is obsessed with some kind of bear huh? What bear is that? I've never seen it before..

Well, firstly, I would like to extend my heartiest MILLION BILLION THANKS to those who have 'like' the contest photo. We have won the contest!! My bf and I appreciate ur effort ya'.. In case, u've never seen the prize before...

Yesh! This is the prize. The white bear~ L Size korilakkuma. Isn't she very lovely? Wanna know more about rilakkuma? Check on this link .

In brief, Rilakkuma means RELAX BEAR. It is a product by San-x Japan.
You will fall in love with the cuteness of rilakkuma, korilakkuma and kiiroitori ^^.

Have a look on this videos..

Toyota Vitz CF Featuring Rilakkuma

It is sad to know that there isn't any Official Rilakkuma shop in Malaysia. However, I'm still glad that I'm able to get Rilakkuma authentic stuffs through online from Rilakkuma Shop. Join their page - I *love* Rilakkuma on Facebook too. You won't regret ^^!

Till then~ Adios!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Updated Blog address ..

I've changed my blog address to

=) .. have a nice day..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aww ~ Too CUTE ‘n’ SWEET to resist..


Have u heard of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance by Gwen Stefani ?

I just learned about the existence of this Harajuku Lovers fragrance from the internet…Oh my~~!! so lovely..!!

If you have a fatal attraction to CUTENESS (yea, just like me..) , Harajuku Lovers is to die for what you should have!! Don’t you think they are so adorable!! The doll cap for each bottle is utterly CUTE!!

Actually I do not think dat the dolls are the CUTEST.. but the design of the bottle really caught my attention..aren’t they special? Especially G (the doll with yellow hair) which represents Gwen Stefani. I haven’t get a chance to try on the smell of the fragrance but from all the seems like MUSIC & Lil’Angel have the best smell. It is available at Parkson Pavillion. Feel like getting one soon..!!

Nowadays, there are so many stuffs that come in pink color..So sweet!! when can I own it ??

glowing keyboard

                                       [ Sony Vaio CS : Luxury Pink]

- The color is so sweet!! This new version of Sony Vaio comes with light pink KEYBOARD too ~!!

It costs around RM3900.. X_X .. Hmm..I would not buy it even I can afford it since my FUJITSU laptop is in well-condition yet. Most importantly, it is given to me by my cousin sister.. ^^






     [ Pink Boutique Edition Monopoly ]

I saw this at Toys R Us. Superb sweet~~!!









    [Western Digital Passport Essential - Pink]

               External HDD in baby Pink!!!






After looking at these few items, don’t U think dat pinkY gadgets and pinkY stuffs look adorable??



[Mini Candy Toy]

These are those japanese miniature which can be found in XL-shop in times square and mid valley.

Without fail, i’ll walk into the shop whenever I am at those shopping malls. I always wish to collect these KAWAII miniature and display them in my room.. Wait for me..dear miniatureSssS… Oh ya, Valentines day will be real soon..Guys, buy cute and sweet stuffs for ur gurl even if u hate these cute cute things.. ..

Happy Valentines day in advance!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy MooMoo Year..MOOOOO~~

Yisshhh.. I have been very lazy busy for these long period of time. Forgive me for not updating my blog.

Do I still have any readers? ..

First of all, my greetings to ALL ~~


This is my first CNY in this new house. Did I tell u that I’ve moved into this house since 13th July?



- The 2 MooMoo~s which I sticked on the front door



- Gurl represents me; Boy represents brother

- MooMoo~s represent mummy ‘n’ daddy

On 25th Jan, mummy made popiah (which is on many people’s requests) !! It requires a lot of work since she we (I got help her also lahh) need to prepare every single ingredients by ourselves. U know rite, the ingredients in the popiah.. My mum even made the ‘popiah skin’ by herself.. She’s so great rite? teehehee.. I don’t have the photos with me now.. wait ya’..but I have the photos of 3 of us only…de WONG~s sister in CHRIST ^^

DSC06521b DSC06520b

On 23rd Feb, relatives from mummy’s family came to have gathering + makanmakan. Actually, we seldom meet each other. It was a great time to be together again. Most of my cousins (The SIMs) were here except Sean, Bryan, Veryn who are now in Melbourne and Ronald who is now in Adelaide. Reuben brought her pretty girlfried (May) to our house too. Oops..should address them as DR.Reuben and DR.May ^^ de professional dentist!! Sad la .... didn’t take photo as well.. How come ah??

Dat’s all for now.. gotta go to my 姑妈's house now to have delicious lunch together..

Note: Hey, the Windows Live Writer is awesome!! I’m using it now to write this entry.. have a try on it ya’..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


T W E L V E 'AWESOME' papers..

At least..It is 12-4=8 now.. ^^ .. add on 10% to my happiness meter..


Friends, I'm still here.. Yea, NO updates here..
Thanks for dropping by.. will try to 'revive' it ASAP..

and yeaa..I've moved into my new house. It is already 2 months time.
Thank God for the internet connection.

I thought I need to wait for another few months..since the TM company said..
apa port..duhh...

dat's all for this moment..

gotta back to my music notes..hafal hafal hafal x_x

我会撑着的。。。八张 papers 不是问题。。。呵呵。。。
安慰自己嘛,还是要的!! 汗 ^^"" 真无奈)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petrol, Diesel Prices To Increase At Midnight Tonight!!

>< ... heard of this in the morning...


Petrol - RM2.70 per litre
Diesel - RM2.58 per litre

Anyway, PRAISE GOD... =) .. The petrol of my car is FULL !!

If according to my usual practice, I'll only pump petrol tmrw. Somehow, I just dropped by at the SHELL petrol station and had my petrol tank full alreadyyyy :P :P :P Muaahahahahaaa...

GOD is GOOD...He granted me wisdom to pump the petrol after I came back from college...^^..

Well, there'll be subsidies for Malaysian owners of private cars and motorcycles.
For more info, u may check from here...

Source : BERNAMA - Malaysian National News Agency

TheStar online

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update update


Well... tmrw will be the first day of my advance diploma cum degree course..
Aiyorr, so fast then finish semester break dy... so sad can... = (

Happy Going to college to TARC~ians !!!
Frankly, I do miss my college friends la...especially my jimui~s ^^

Dear readerssss, pls pls plsss click on the ads on my website..prweeety pls..i need money $$ badly lerrr...even one cent also very important to me.. but dun click too many times la..haha...once per visit for each ads then enough le... (n_n)

*Sorry...i'm lazy to post photos of my future house...heheee..
drewTeh, wahwah is lazy to do ur tag also..lalala...*